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Gallery 05


GALLERY - A selection of great work


The Drum Opening Titles

DD8 : was approached by ABC News to create a new look as the show was moving from an ABC News 24 only show to its launch on the main channel, ABC1. We created the new logo, opener, set panels, stings and inshow graphics. Our idea stemmed from a modern day 'drum' of information; the keyboard. These digital drums act as a vehicle of communication and can be seen to graphically exist within the opening titles and form the logo.  Throughout the opener, we see these drums of data continually evolve. It’s a moving feast. There is a strong depth of field paired with large flares and bursts of colour that keep up the energy and create a sense of fun.  The colour palette has been freshened, introducing neon purples, yellows and blues. The result is more approachable, connected and ‘on’. It calls for action and attention. DD8 designed all set panels, and worked with set architect and designer Mark Dyson to create the show's new set.


Never Sit Still : TEDxSydney is the leading platform for the propagation of Australian ideas, creativity and innovation to the rest of the world. The annual event takes place at the Sydney Opera House and begins with opening titles that reflect the theme of the year. The theme for 2016 was ‘together’. Never Sit Still were invited by Common to contribute a short animation to be included in the title sequence, and it was an honour to have our work featured alongside the likes of Buck, Fin, Collider, Photoplay Films, Cutting Edge and White Chocolate. The only constraint was to adhere to the position of the X for the start and end frames. Other than that we had an open brief with a blank canvas to explore. We took this as an opportunity to create a collection of Xs, each with their own personality, reflecting the diversity and variety of ideas shared at TEDxSydney.


Chvrches: Bury It

Mighty Nice : Jamie McKelvie, a highly regarded UK comic illustration artist, had created artwork for some of the band’s posters and albums in the past. Chvrches wanted to maintain this artistic theme by using his work as a catalyst for inspiration in the “Bury It” music video. Mighty Nice were commissioned to create an animation that put McKelvie’s artwork into motion. Sometimes taking the high road can be a super hero strength in itself, so in this animation the band were blessed with super telekinetic powers – having the ability to move objects through mind power. The animation was set amongst a New York city skyline, as the band members magically fly like angels through clouds and around city skyscrapers.


PTV - Transform Regional

Pixel: This new campaign for Public Transport Victoria was an evolutionary step from the previous years taking the “transform” out of the live action street of Melbourne and into a stylistic origami world. Great attention to detail was given to ensure each object had its own unique folds and way of springing to life.


MTV / Summer Ident

Brendan cook : I directed this campaign ident through pictureDRIFT for MTV Australia. The brief was to create a human “graphic equaliser” featuring colourfully dressed people appearing in the scene to the beat of the music. The treatment constructed a multi layered scene built up of background, mid ground and foreground action loops. Each loop containing one character performing an action which plays through as a series of echoed movements expanding to fill the scene with complex action, then contracting again in time with the rhythm of the music. The scene space is divided up into colour bands from the mtv summer brand. As the action extends out through the colour bands the characters wardrobe colour changes to match the colour band.


ATC The Tradition Continues

Ink Project: Sheepish Lion / Ink and Banjo collaborated to create a image spot for Australian Turf Club to promote this year’s Sydney Autumn Carnival. Created by Raj Rabindranath at Banjo and directed by Sheepish Lion’s Ken Lambert the campaign aims to highlight the rich history of the carnival bringing it into the modern day, visually merging the old with the new. To achieve this Lambert used a double-exposure technique to create a compelling look that could bring these worlds together.


Telstra Tornado

Mighty Nice : We were asked to conceive a sequence which showed a tonne of entertainment genres getting sucked into the Telstra TV product. Starting from 2D concept sketches, we mapped out the look and feel of the tornado, designing how a wind-based object might look in the trademark low-poly Telstra world. Characters and props were also designed to look the part, striking the balance between being stylised low-poly elements, but being recognisable as stereotypical movie genres. Naturally we had fun creating the low-poly look of the zombies and vikings. Moving into 3D, we further pushed the design development of the tornado, giving it a rich translucent feel which was able to transmit light and colour interestingly as it moved, and building in layers of structured debris to add complexity. The characters and props were brought to life in an entertaining mashup of rich movement and colour.


Cosentino Opening Titles

Visual Playground: The Opening Title sequence for Cosentino’s three-part special on Channel 7 was designed using an illustrated comic book style. VP gave it a sense of mystery and suspense using movement that transitioned seamlessly from one illustration to the next. The spot is dark, moody with dramatic lighting and elements of fire. It gives glimpses of the terrifying constructions that are featured in Cosentino’s performances on the show.


The Jelly Bean Factory TVC

Yukfoo: This sweet little spot for the proudly Irish gourmet jelly bean maker The Jelly Bean Factory should leave you wanting more of these delicious little treats. Directed by Yukfoo's resident gourmand Alex Dron.


AEON - Short Film

Kin Things : Aeon is an animated short film directed, designed and animated by Kin via The DMCI, for the TEDxSydney conference. Aeon explores the concepts of life and growth, loosely represented in an abstract and cyclical journey through the natural seasons as a reflection of the seasons of life. AEON received a AEAF Award for Motion along with a Vimeo Staff pick. It has since been shared and featured in festivals worldwide.

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