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Gallery 03


GALLERY - A selection of great work 


Kazoops Opening Titles

Mighty Nice : Working with existing art and character designs from the show – created by the talented bunch at Nexus in London – and the main cast from the show, Mighty Nice created a sweet, catchy opening sequence worthy of this fun show. Having a rich, varied library of hand-crafted textures and patterns only added to the fun. The Story : Just imagine… Monty’s imagination takes him on amazing journeys in every episode of ‘Kazoops!’. Our challenge was to express the vast and wild possibilities of every kid’s imagination – we achieved this through fun wipes and transitions showing anything is possible if you just imagine.


Breeder : To kick-off our new partnership with Australian rep Taxi, the good food folk at Tasty let us run wild with their high-speed motion arm, AKA a goddamn robot. Inspired by cymatics, we created Oscuro – a moody animation that’s more than meets the eye.


Game of Thrones Season 6 - Breakdown

Rising Sun Pictures : Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Directed by Francis Lawrence, it is the first of a two-part finale to The Hunger Games franchise and centers of Katniss Evergreen’s role as the face of a mass revolution building toward all-out war. Rising Sun Pictures was contracted to produce more than 50 visual effects shots for the film, the majority centering on a propaganda video that Katniss makes in behalf of the totalitarian state Panem. The scene takes place in a production studio with Katniss acting her part on a stage. Special effects technology is employed to make it appear as though she is standing in a battlefield surrounded by drone-like soldiers while making her patriotic pitch to the masses. The sequence climaxes with a 180-degree camera move as Katniss waves a flag and hovercraft swoop by overhead.


TEDx Sydney

Buck Sydney : We made almost as many style frames as we did keyframes in this short, trippy, macro, micro animation for the main titles of TEDxSydney 2016. Common approached eight Sydney studios to take part in the collaboration. We leapt at the chance to work on open creative in good company.


Drinkwise – Mind Your Reputation

Flutter and 21-19 : Drinkwise Australia is a not-for-profit organisation focused on promoting alcohol in moderation rather than total abstinence, and this nifty little video series has it all. Dinner jackets. Cocktail lounges. Tigers. Not to mention the totally-contextual use of the word “shitfaced” to describe how people may perceive you if you drink irresponsibly. Commissioned by the bright minds at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, the illustrative style was developed by Pete McDonald, with Guy Shield (also part of the Jacky Winter clan) working alongside to finish the suite of videos.If these videos don’t enshrine “How To Drink Properly” in your grey matter due to diminished short-term memory, look out for print posters, coasters, bar mats, snapchats and more.


Abc Election Coverage

DD8: The In Show Graphics - The DD8 team collaborated closely in creative workshops with Eric Napper, Andrew George and Antony Green to create a new direction and to plan out the specific requirements including extreme flexibility. Custom application built with real time flexibility allowed the ABC’s political journalists to tell their stories as they unfolded. The flexibility of the data driven package enabled changes to be made in response to swings on the night. The DD8 team worked alongside the ABC crew in real time collaborating with entire ABC team on election night. DD8 made the most of the impressive ABC atrium space to present an augmented walkthrough every half-hour with Michael Rowland. This included statistical graphics mixed with new cartographic data representing electorates of Australia. The beauty of the augmented package being the director could call whatever was needed at any time with the most up to date information.


Heat Group Hologram

Jumbla : We completed this video for The Heat Group, the Australian makeup distributor for such global beauty brands as Max Factor, Covergirl and Warner Bros. Consumer Products. The video was made for the launch of the “Ready to Glow” collection into stores nationwide and was sent to out to customers and media in order to build excitement. The Heat Group wanted something innovative and special to celebrate the launch Ulta3’s Ready to Glow collection, and they wanted to create excitement in the beauty product industry. They were inspired specifically by the ‘light and dark’ contrast of the Strobing Kit – a cheekbone highlighting product part of the new Ulta3 collection – and wanted to communicate this look in their promotion for the campaign. So, the idea for a hologram was born.


Budget Direct Helix TVC

Alt : Captain Risky has become notorious for his ill-advised stunts as a larger- than-life character who can't work out why Budget Direct won't insure him. 'Jumping The Double Helix Divide' by 303Lowe Sydney was directed by Hamish Rothwell at Goodoil, with effects by Alt.vfx. 


Is it time to change the Australian flag?

Mike Tosetto : Fascinated by flags and their simple geometric designs, I made a self-initiated project about the history of the Australian flag for a not-for-profit organisation called Ausflag. I researched the subject, wrote the script, designed all the elements, created the storyboards and then animated it. Thanks to Ian Camilleri for the awesome work on the audio, Joao Peres for crafting the illustration of the $2 coin and Lex Courts for proof reading my script.


CA - Chips

Sixty 40 : CA Chips is the story of a tech start-up going from a garage venture to a worldwide leader with the help of a chartered accountant. Lots of fun had with this one, playing with stacking computer chips (A bit like adult Lego) and conjuring up a whole new world. This film is one of three spots we created with Joy Sydney who pushed us creatively from start to finish. And once again, Heckler supplying amazing CG and comping to bring all the moving elements to our in-camera sets.


Smart Transport Perth

Masters of motion : A very nice piece of 3d work.


Kellogg’s “Imagine”

Vandal : Emile Rademeyer and Phil Meatchem brought to life the uninhibited imagination of children in this animated TVC.



Tuka - My Star

Mister : Mister was approached by Entropico to collab on the music video for Tuka’s latest release, “My Star”. From the initial brainstorming sessions we were all in the same headspace… Space Trip! 2001 was a big influence for us not only on the concept and visuals but also on some of the techniques used whilst shooting, like the old pen-on-a-sheet-of-glass-trick!!

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