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Credits P5 03

Chvrches: Bury It

Director: Darren Price
Co Director: Jamie Mckelvie
Art Director: Vincent E Sousa
Head Of Production: Gabrielle Joosten
Producer: Jane Reynolds
Co-Producer: Nexus: Isobel Conroy
Head Of Studio: Jeremy Howdin
Storyboards: Murray Debus
Bonnie Taylor Forsyth 

Edit: Andrew Corsi
Edit Assist: Oscar Torres Inchaustti
Environment Design: Anthony Vivien
Jamie Mckelvie: Joshua Moy
Character Design:Jamie Mckelvie

3D Lead: Serge Astahov
Rigging: Michael Tebble
3D Animation Supervisor: Duncan Maclaren
2D Animation Lead: Bonnie Taylor Forsyth
2D Animation: Catriona Drummond
Compositing Supervisor: Vincent E Sousa

Greg Petchkovsky
Charles Ewart
Michael Tebble
Trent Rogan
Rey La Torre
Caitlin-Rose Keegan
Particle Simulations
Charles Ewart



Lighting & Rendering: 
Trent Rogan
Rey La Torre
Caitlin-Rose Keegan
Winnie Mach
Pradeep Sundaram

3D Animation:
Lawrence Wong
Mike Singca
Michael Tebble
Milly Mortensen
Megan Brewty
Elise Spalding

2D Clean Up & Colour:
Andrew White
Joshua Moy
Haien Kim
Hair Dynamics
Jonathan Gibson
Michael Tebble

Kallie Ennever
Jeremy Carlen
Gerard Holmes
Fiona Lu
Nelson Restrepo Quintero
Marcia Kelly