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Gallery 04


GALLERY - A selection of great work 


One Minute Memories

Pixel : This project was a painstakingly slow personal piece for our Design Director Luke, and it’s probably what got him the job at Pixel. We saw it on his Behance page and fell in love with it. How about that bit when the dragon head appears!? So good. 


True Detective - Opening Titles

Antibody : created the main title sequence for HBO's critically acclaimed drama series True Detective. Working through our LA-based production partners, Elastic, and with compositing support from the talented crew at Breeder.


Loop de Loop - Rock

Dirty Puppet : A submission for the 'Loop de Loop' monthly animation screening. This months theme is 'rock'. 


Saints and Strangers Breakdown

Iloura : National Geographic Channel's Saints and Strangers tells the true and remarkable story of the Pilgrims' arrival on the Mayflower and the early events of Plymouth Colony. The movie depicts the complex relationship between the “saints” and “strangers”, the gruelling challenges they faced to survive in a new land, and the shifting alliances between and among the settlers and Native American tribes. The 192 minute mini-series was created for television and directed by Paul A Edwards. Iloura created a CG boat and environments that required digital matte painting along with water, storm effects.  


Motionlab : Animated logo we produced for "Raw Challenge" in collaboration with our friends at Smog. Original music and sound design by the amazing Aimar Molero. Over fifty thousand fit bods take on Raw Challenge obstacle courses each year. If cel-animated, colourful wolf logos could complete, we think this one would take home the gold.


Forever Classic IDs

Kin things : This is one of the 30sec IDs in a set of 4 IDs developed for Australian Subscription Television Channel, Fox Classics. Fox Classics showcases classic films, and the ID series was designed to take viewers on a guessing game journey through the world of classic cinema. Each ID interprets a series of films, merging them together through iconic design and audio. 

The Dukes of Bröxstônia

Sticky Pictures : The Dukes of Bröxstônia are the most famous band from Bröxstônia ever. The band is composed of teenagers - singer Arj, drummer Barj and guitarist Larj. And thanks to the generosity of the Bröxstônian government, the Dukes are always on tour, spreading their uniquely punk thrash sounds to an unsuspecting world! Join Arj, Barj and Larj as they deal with monstrous fans, rival bands, cyborg robots, video game monsters and wild west villains. But remember, what happens on the road, stays on the road.  The Dukes airs on ABC3, Cartoon Network Asia & Latin America and Disney XD USA. The series has been featured at major animation festivals including Annecy, Stuttgart, Animation Block Party, SICAF Korea and MIAF in Australia. It has twice been nominated for best teen/tween series at the Kidscreen Awards and twice nominated for best teen animation at Stuttgart and Cartoons on the Bay. It also received a nomination for Best Animation Short at the AACTA Awards.


H100 Homefront

Kinthings : As an extension of our H100 Branding work for The History Channel, we developed a set of stylised, still life IDs based around a physical rendering of our logo design. The set of 5 IDs loosely relate to the theme of ‘Remembrance’ and aim to provide respectful moments for reflection and to further enable contemplation over the elements within the scenes and thus the War as a whole. When charged with the brief of developing IDs, we wanted to really make sure that we didn’t disrespect the subject matter through the use of over the top design or techniques. We explored the themes of Battlefront, Remembrance, Technology and The Home Front. Our real still life scenes use actual physical objects and sourced artifacts from WW1. A real model of the 100 logo was crafted and each scene was carefully art directed to create moving and personal snapshots into this era. The IDs will be used in the channel over the next 5 years.


Masters of motion : An important TVC for the National broadband network with great visual effects.


QBE Call Me or Click! TVC

Mighty Nice : When Core came to us and explained they’d like to channel rock legends Blondie in the latest spot for QBE we jumped at the chance to dust off those old smoke machines and bad 80’s dance moves. We developed an office wide fantasy music video starring QBE call centre worker Penny and her back up dancing coworkers. As with all of the QBE work, we have a lot of fun designing characters and worlds for them to live in. In this spot the team drew up dozens of new coworkers and environments before deciding on the final arrangement.


The Iconic / Emerge

Engine : Through the JOY Agency in Sydney, Engine produced this television commercial for The Iconic. Mixing slow motion footage with highly crafted 3d animation. 


Little Ted’s Big Adventure Opening Titles

Brendan Cook : creators of Australia's iconic and favourite children's' program Playschool invited Picture Drift to create the opener for a new 20 part series "Little Ted's Big Adventure". In the series, Little Ted explores various modes of transport including the Kuranda train, a paddle-steamer and a submarine. For the opener, Little Ted's journey across land, air and sea are explored in a pop up layered, stop frame approach. It was an exciting opportunity to work with the amazing art department team at ABC’s Children’s Television, who built numerous vehicles and props for Little Ted to travel in. pictureDRIFT also worked with HarperCollins to illustrate the companion story book.

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