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GALLERY - A selection of great work


Westworld Opening Titles - HBO

Masters of motion : The talented and Emmy winner Patrick Clair has directed another amazing and interesting opening title sequence for the science fiction program Westworld (HBO). Patrick is a talented Australian director and motion artist working in LA.


Dogstar Opening Titles

12 Field : Dogstar : After thousands of years of wars, pollution, undrinkable water and silly cartoon shows, humans are forced to leave Earth and move everything and everyone to a new planet: New Earth. But not everything goes to plan and the Dogstar, a giant space ark containing all of the world’s dogs, becomes lost in space. On New Earth, the evil Bob Santino makes his fortune selling canine replacement units, Robogs, and plots to ensure the Dogstar is never found. But the Clark kids desperately miss their real dog, Hobart, and begin a quest through space to find the Dogstar – with Santino in hot pursuit


Charles Darwin University TVC

Yukfoo : Thanks to Charles Darwin University marketing and the Leap Agency in Melbourne this animated campaign has a big idea and a big execution to match. Anton Lambaart, Creative Director at Leap encouraged a true collaborative style for the production. Yukfoo partnered with Illustration maestro Paul Smith of Ballsy Creative and the guys at Visual Thing for the image making and design. In consultation with the agency and Yukfoo director Alan Dickson, our composer Erin Mckimm worked closely with Soundwaves in South Melbourne to bring a truely wonderful soundtrack to fruition. The combination of which has power, impact and a sense of optimism. We had to portray a sense of fragility in the spots, that ponder the future of our world and the place that higher learning has within it. We aimed for a lacey paper feel with a soft coloured lighting effect for the aesthetic and in terms of story we wanted to play with the idea of a 'fresh perspective'. The camera conveys this sense of exploration and an inquisitive nature to the narrative, always finding a transition point in an meaningful visual way.


Quantum Break TVC

Alt :  The first theatrical trailer for Xbox's new IP, Quantum Break, sees protagonist Jack Joyce (Shawn Ashmore) hunted by agents while he mourns the recent loss of his brother near a makeshift shrine at his family’s cemetery plot. However, there's something not quite right as the agents make their way towards their target; time keeps freezing, jumping, and stuttering and eventually it collapses altogether. Jack discovers that he’s immune to these time stutters and is able to escape danger, for now. Alt designed the time glitches and then used advanced techniques to ‘break apart’ the individual assets to suit the camera tracks through the cemetery, as well as completing all of the other VFX seen in the clip. Colin Renshaw was the VFX Supervisor.


The Innovator

Buck Sydney : Wool. Merino Wool. Soft, cuddly, odour-resistant, warm, light, moisture-managing wool. The best natural fibre, baa none. Ewe wooldn’t baalieve how chuffed we were to work with the iconic Australian brand The Woolmark Company on this character driven story.


Apple Itunes Iad Launch

Kin Things : In an unprecedented move, Apple allowed Apple Marketing Australia/NZ in conjunction with iTunes Radio Australia/NZ to explore some visuals for the launch of iTunes Radio in the Asia/Pacific region. Apple approached our good friends at MKB Creative to develop this launch campaign and we came on board to direct, design and provide post-production on the launch film. A great opportunity and a pretty huge result given the very tight turnaround time.The project needed input and approval from Apple HQ and Beats HQ and included Tim Cook & Dre on the sign-off. The prescribed track – a Just Blaze / Jay-Z collab also meant both artists entered the approval mix. A little touch of hip-hop celebrity for this project – rad! We kept the concept simple – a dancer entering her own space of expression, enabled by the music she accessed through iTunes Radio. The client had responded to an older piece of ours – Future Proof, and wanted something similar, brought into the iTunes Radio and Beats brand space. Graphics HAD to be crisp and clear, problematic in achieving a truly integrated composite, whilst also having the dancer being immersed in a cloud like technological space made up of dots and grids reflecting the iTunes Radio logo. To explore something different we partnered with our old mate Ruffmercy for some beautiful hand drawn overlay & animation.


Ghostbusters Breakdown

Ghostbusters : The team at Iloura completed 500 shots on Ghostbusters.  Iloura’s slate of work focused on look development for and creation of ghostly characters. For Gertrude, a live-action/CG hybrid  (sometimes full CG) ghost who ‘lives’ in the library, artists built a skeletal system, designed and added her clothes and lower body, and finished with a celestial aura. Another Iloura creation was the band of Mirror Ghouls. The filmmakers envisioned them as decomposed creatures recessed in a dark world who take on a suggestive form from afar, but become more legible as they approach the mirror surface and try to escape. To achieve this, Iloura’s artists developed a number of looks for the translucent creatures from the recessed world, as well as more creepy, human-like forms that appear close to the surface. Mayhem, a large and ominous all-CG ghost who inhabits a concert stadium and appears as part of a heavy metal stage show, was another Iloura creation. He needed to retain a ghostly, translucent look, but with subtle real-world detail such as skin texture and hair which needed to float and move as he flew through the air. An internal glow dubbed a “jelly pass” was added to give him an inner ghostly glow on top of his skeleton and muscle system. Other characters completed by Iloura include ghost rats and the Show Ghost featured in a sequence with Bill Murray’s character.


Suspect Moustache

Viskatoons : Australia’s first animated sketch comedy is a diverse one, delivering a multitude of rapid jokes and fantastical situations, told through gorgeous animation, versatile voice-acting and dynamic music. With a high joke-per-minute ratio and more Easter-eggs than a pregnant Easter-Bunny, the tight 5 minute episodes are designed to entice the social media savvy, as is the range of storytelling. The show is designed to have a rich world of interconnected stories and world-building for attentive fans while still offering a multitude of short, sharp and self-contained click-baits for casual viewers of limited attention span. Through sci-fi, fantasy and above all comedy, the show will satirise issues ranging from the significant to the trivial, and will proudly feature voices and music from some of Melbourne’s hottest new comedians and musicians.


AGDA Creative Response

Never Sit Still : 2015 was all about collaboration between AGDA and the Australian creative industry. The question, "What does the pinnacle of design mean to you?”, was asked to selected studios across Australia from a range of disciplines. Never Sit Still’s response is a visual representation of what it takes to win an AGDA award. The tetrahedron is made up of different layers, each one showing the process and effort that goes into creating award winning work.


Game of Thrones Season 6 - Breakdown

Rising Sun Pictures : New to the Game of Thrones production team, RSP created visual effects for several episodes of the show’s recently concluded sixth season. Most of the work centred on King’s Landing and the Sept as artists produced photo-realistic CG set extensions and architectural enhancements that were blended with location footage to create the luxurious, walled city overlooking the sea. For the finale of season six of HBO’s smash hit Game of Thrones¸ Rising Sun Pictures faced a formidable challenge: replicate the sprawling city of King’s Landing and its central shrine, the Great Sept of Baelor, and then burn them to the ground in a magical, green-hued inferno. The initial airing of the finale drew the largest audience in the show’s history. Rising Sun Pictures did its part to ensure loyal fans had plenty to marvel at.


Visual Playground : produced a fun narrative driven character animation for “The Solar Schools Project” for Bendigo Bank. These original characters were designed for an audience of school children to encourage them to participate in the program.


EBDU Lipsync Muffet Posame

Masters of motion : A lovely piece of 3-D animation that is cool and quite funny.


This is Josephmark

Breeder : With over ten years experience in digital product design, sister company Josephmark needed a video that accurately captured their unique alchemy of ideas, anticipation, expertise and execution. Created in tandem with their brand-new website, the final result embodies Josephmark’s ethos and reflects the duality of their passion for both nature and technology.

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