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Discussion Night Tickets


Discussion Night

You are invited to join us in a small, intimate and private discussion night. We have invited some of the best and most interesting studios, producers, freelancers and artists to come together. The aim of the night is to bring together senior colleagues from the Animation, Motion design & VFX disciplines for an open and friendly chat over a beer or glass of wine, so we can network and learn from one another.

It's a private invite only gathering. No students or general public.

What you will get ?

- Learned from some of Australia’s best artists and studio owners

- Ask questions about topics you are interested in learning about

- Be introduced to an exclusive group of top industry professionals

Date : Wednesday the 31st of October

Time : 6:00pm - 11:00pm

Venue : The Water Rat Hotel - 256 Moray St, South Melbourne

Cost : $25 (For costs of venue, drinks, lanyards and organising) 

Invite only : Please let me know if you’d like to add someone to the list


6:00 Casual networking and discussions

6:30  Matthew Packwood introduction

6:45 Group discussion with panel of 4 industry leaders and Q&A

8:15 Introduction to attendees

8:30 - 11:00 Drinks : networking and discussions 

Masters : Discussion Night
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The Aims of the Meeting

- Bring senior people from the Animation, Motion Design & VFX industry together with freelancers to network.

- Come up with ideas of how people can work together to improve the industry and be more sustainable.

- Build and enhance a sense of community between the different disciplines in Melbourne.

Attending studios - so far



The Sequence Group :

Method Studios :

Dirty Puppet :


BES Animation :






Jumbla : 

Post Lab IO :

Jumbla :

Passion Pictures :

Dragonboots Studios :

Fox Sports Creative :

Studios : registered attendees

AFL : Anthony Price - Mark Farrow - Robert Richards

 : Travis Hogg - Nick Venn - Rob Ride - Ben Boniface

Dirty Puppet : Cameron Gough - Jon Asquith

Fox Sports Creative : Grant Osborne - Kris Dollman - Paresh Patel

 : Malisa Perona - Michael Lomas - Jessica Herrera

Jumbla : Callan Woolcock - Cornel Swoboda - Jordan Booker

Jumbla : Charlotte Parsons - Steve Bradshaw - Danielle Carter

 : Damian Dunne Octavio.TV
 : octavio de lellis

Method Studios : TBA Post Lab IO : Darius Family

 : Pat Salter - Wilfred Patriarca - Karlene van Opdorp

Passion Pictures : Kate Goodwin - Sophie Woods

 : Haley Polacik John Gavin Goldy Andy Montague Sept Putra

The Sequence Group : Luke Bicevskis - Melissa Benavides

XYZ : Garett Mayow - Stevie Watkins

Attending artists & producers

Kate Guest :

Francesca D’Orazio :

David Abbott :

Drewe Clarke :

Jamie Scott :

Alan Do :

Chris Reynolds :  

Mark Farrow :

Marco Palmieri :

Luke Richardson :

Patrick Taylor :

Cordelia Brown :

Nathan Juno :

Krystal Schultheiss :

Willy Karl Beecher :

Rachel Tan :

Ted Adair :

Alyssa Smedley :

Dylan Mercer :

Simon Burgin :

Daniel Cowan :

Lukas Schrank :

Hugo Hors :

Courtney Hopkinson :

Jason Poley :

Jeremy Mansford :

Luke Richardson :

Bennet Parker :

Devon Kong :

Simon Lissaman :

Ash Millott :

Rodrigo Germano :

Steven Murdoch :

Kristin McCourtie :

Industry Panel Members - who will lead the discussion :


Kate Goodwin is the executive producer of Passion Melbourne, she has an in-depth understanding of the animation process.

Ineke Majoor is a VFX Executive Producer at Method Studios Melbourne, with over 25 years experience working at the elite level.

Cameron Gough is a animation director and the founder of the Melbourne-based animation studio Dirty Puppet.


Wilfred Patriarca : Co-Director and senior animation / visual effects Lead at Studio Pancho, with over 10 years experience..

Travis Hogg is a visual director, he uses both the camera and VFX as his tools to bring technically challenging stories to the screen.

Alan Dickson is a director and founder of Yukfoo which has worked in the commercial space in NewZealand & Australia for over 20 years.


Moderator : Matthew Packwood is the founder, and curator & editor of Masters of Motion. Matthew will moderate the discussion.