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Episode 6 -  Chris Morris & Alex Gee

EP6 - Chris Morris

Photoshopping from the age of 12, Chris (Moe) Morris is a self-taught genius with experience in everything from live action and lighting to complex animation, compositing and effects work. At Breeder, Chris directs, animates and films to tell stories and create authentic motion content for clients like the World Economic Forum, the SyFy Channel, HBO and many more. 

EP6 - Alex Gee

Alex is a motion director with expertise in animation and editing, and he draws on his experience to craft motion design with an emotional pulse. In 2012, Alex joined Breeder, one of the industry's leading motion design boutiques, where he works for clients such as the World Economic Forum, SyFy Channel and many others. In late 2017 Alex moved to Toronto, Canada where he now works as a freelance motion designer.


Episode 5 - Robert Connelly

EP5 - Robert Connelly

Robert is an expert at bringing ideas to life and has an extensive background in design and visual effects. He has 20 years of industry experience across Melbourne, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Sydney working across a range of global brands that include MTV, CNN, Comedy Central, Nissan, Miller, VW and Fox Sports, CBA and Foxtel. His passion to direct beautiful pieces can be seen in the variety of projects he has crafted. Whether it’s live action, broadcast design, channel branding, or character animation, the detail is inspired by his love of storytelling. PLEASE NOTE : Since we recorded this interview Rob has left engine to work freelance.                           


Episode 4 - Nick Pill

EP4 - Nick Pill

Nick has been the Art Director at Rising Sun since 2005 after a long career with Disney. He has been instrumental in providing RSP’s art direction on major projects such as the Harry Potter Series, The Sorcerers Apprentice, The Seventh Son, The Wolverine and The Great Gatsby, among many others. Nick led the concept and character design on Charlotte’s Web and The Hunger Games. He has recently contributed work on Gods of Egypt  and was fundamental in establishing the look development for RSP’s work on The Legend of Tarzan. 


Episode 3 - Emily Harridge

EP3 - Emily Harridge

Emily is the Founding Director of Visual Playground, an award-winning creative studio in Melbourne. Emily established VP in 2002 and now has 14 years experience in leading her team as Creative Director. Critical to this success is a constant focus on creative direction, staying up-to-date with new technology and hiring highly talented digital artists. Emily has built an outstanding reputation in creating the identity, graphics package and opening titles for top rating Australian TV shows. Emily is passionate about Virtual Reality which has led to the formation of Plato Reality, a new company dedicated to storytelling in VR.  Please note:  since this was recorded VP has closed. Emily is currently director of dontent at eg+ &


Episode 2 - Mike Tosetto 

EP2 - Mike Tosetto

An awarded motion designer, Mike's work has featured in some of the industry’s most respected design blogs and publications. Mike is an active member of the design community, and a proud member of the NSW council for AGDA (Australian Graphic Design Association). Mike regularly speaks at industry events, guest lectures for design colleges and teaches motion graphics classes and workshops.


Episode 1 - Brett Morris

EP1 - Brett Morris

Brett is an Australian freelance motion designer & director based in Los Angeles with skills across technical direction, look development and art direction. He is driven by the desire to explore challenges with critical thinking, ensuring that artistic integrity is maintained at the highest level.       UPDATE : Since we recorded this interview Brett has become the Creative Director and founding partner at Ranger & Fox.