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Masters Mentoring



Matthew Packwood offers a mentoring program for students, recent graduates,  juniors and aspiring studio owners. The sessions are aimed to assess goals, create a plan and implement it. Potential participants are interviewed and have their folio/showreel assessed. We run a limited number of mentoring sessions throughout the year.  Sessions run for two hours on a fortnightly basis for 6 to 12 weeks, both in person and online. This opportunity is highly valued by participants and positions are competitively sought-after. See details below : 

Process :
1   : Listening session    
2  : Interview - Showreel or Portfolio Assessment   
3  : Review Session
4  : 5 to 12 Mentoring or Coaching Sessions - Ongoing

Mathew Packwood - Teacher & Mentor
Creative Director Matthew Packwood is a specialist in concept development, design and advanced animation. Matthew has 18 years experience working in the National and International design and post-production industry. He is also the founder, editor and curator of Masters of Motion (Est 2016). Previously, Matthew was a studio owner of Popcorn Creative and the head of design and animation at Inverleigh Media holdings. Matthew has also taught at Melbourne's top Universities and private colleges.  Find out more about Matthew at  


About Mentoring

STEP 1 : Listening session - Free  
Over Skype or Phone:
- 30 minute chat about what challenges you’re facing, your business, marketing strategies and future directions.


STEP 2 : Interview - Showreel or portfolio assessment - Free
Over Skype or phone and email :
- Candidate applies for mentoring.
- Candidate will be assessed for suitability for the mentoring program. 
- Candidate is required to submit links or files of his / her work for review. 
- Matthew will review your portfolio or showreel, work history and marketing material.
- Candidate is required to complete questionnaire / over Skype or in written format. 
- Matthew will advise the candidate if they are suitable for mentoring and then check availability.
Please note :  Matthew only takes on 3 candidates at any one time. 


STEP 3 : Review Session
Over Skype or in person :  
- 4 hour complete customised assessment of your personal or business strategy and marketing materials. 
- Review of your folio/showreel and work. 
- Assessment in regards to quality and marketability. 
- Assess your present goals. 
- Option to discuss relevant issues. 
- Prepare questions in advance.
- You will be required to work hard in order to create plans and a deliverables list. 
- Then you will be encouraged to implement what you decide to achieve.

Cost : 
Students : $200 per review session
Professionals : $400 per review session
Studio : $600 per review session  


STEP 4 : 5 to 12 Mentoring or Coaching Sessions - Ongoing
Over Skype :
Booking for 6 to 12 sessions : fortnightly or monthly. 
- Create a plan with a timeline and list of goals to achieve over the year ahead.
- Build confidence through guidance.
- Build or improve marketing materials.
- Implement business strategies and marketing.
- Discuss issues as they arise.
- Accountability : it's important to achieve your goals.

Cost : 
Students : $100 per session - Minimum 4 x 1-2 hour mentoring sessions
Professionals :  $200 per session - Minimum 3 x 1-2 hour mentoring sessions
Studio : $350 per session - Minimum 3 x 1-2 hour mentoring sessions

Note : Sessions need to be paid for in advance and are not refundable.
Payment method : Invoice and direct deposit 



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For more information please contact :
Matthew Packwood : 

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