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Freelancer Discussion Night


Attending Artists - so far

01 Octavio De Lellis :

02 Daniel Cowan :

03 Kane Rowlingson :

04 Hugo Domingo :

05 Kyle Downes :

06 Chris Reynolds :

07 Jason Poley :

08 Simon Burgin :

09 Jeremy Mansford :

10 Lukas Schrank :

11 Savva Tsekmes :

12 Simon Bronson :

13 Drewe Clarke :

14 Courtney Hopkinson :

15 Luke Richardson :

16 Dylan Mercer :

17 Ben Parker :

18 Edwina Joel :

19 James Josephides :

20 Matthew Packwood :

Freelance & Remote Worker’s Discussion Night

You are invited to join us in a small, intimate and private discussion night.  I am inviting 20 of the best and most interesting, freelancers and remote workers to attend this event. The aim of the night is to help people become less isolated as freelance artists and to give people the opportunity to learn from other artists with similar experience.

Aims and what you will get ? 

- Be introduced to an exclusive group of top industry professionals

- Become less isolated in your work by meeting with fellow artists

- A networking guide with people's image and contact details

- Ask questions about topics you are interested in learning about

- Discuss technical work issues with fellow professionals

- Discuss professional skills you may want to improve on

- Be updated on the industry trends and opportunities

Why only 20 people ?

- It’s small so people can make better connections

- Give’s everybody the opportunity to talk

What you need to provide ?

- Your contact details and a portrait photo

- You will be asked to provide questions for the discussion


Date : Thursday the 30th of May. 

Time : 6:30pm - 10:00pm

Venue : The Clyde Hotel  385 Cardigan Street, Carlton

One free drink : Includes one free beer wine or coffee 


6:30  Casual catch up

6:45  Matthew Packwood introduction & presentation 

7:00  Professional development and ideas discussion 

- Brief  introduction of attending artists

- Question-and-answer and discussion

8:30 - 10:00 Drinks : networking and discussions 

We are full - Thank you

Should be a great night : )


Moderator : Matthew Packwood is the founder, and curator & editor of Masters of Motion. Matthew will moderate the discussion.