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DLF Free Ticket Registration


DLF : Event Ticket Registration

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DLF Motion Design & 3d Discussion

Discussion moderator : Matthew Packwood

With : Michael Lomas - Co Founder & Director GRAMM

With : Patrick Da Cunha Creative Director & 3D Artist Freelance

Time / date 18th of September at 6:30pm

Venue : The Water Rat Hotel

Address : 256 Moray Street, South Melbourne, Victoria 3205

Size : Limited to 70 Ticket Available

We have SOLD OUT !

Networking Guide : Registered Attendees

Lylah D

Studio: Zero One

Expertise : 3D Artist

Website :

Alan Do

Studio: Cadre Pictures

Expertise : Senior 3d / Lighting / Look Dev

Website :

Akira Dawson

Studio: Studio Pancho

Website :

Helen He

Studio: Freelance

Expertise: 2D Animator, 2D Animation & Motion Design

Website :

Ricky Marks

Studio: Freelance

Position & Area of Expertise: Motion Graphics

Website :

Veera Hokkanen

Studio: Housemarque

Position & Area of Expertise: Concept Artist

Website :

Dan Rodgers

Studio: The Stompin Ground

Position & Area of Expertise: 3D Artists/Creative Lead

Website :

Will Higgins

Studio: Vertexfxstudio

Position & Area of Expertise: Character Art

Website :

Fernando Perez

Studio: Freelancer

Position & Area of Expertise: Motion desginer

Website :

Dean Musumeci

Studio: Academy of Information Technology

Position & Area of Expertise: Educator / VFX / Comp

Website :

Olivier Bonenfant

Studio: Val Morgan

Position & Area of Expertise: Mograph

Website :

Andrea Rodríguez

Studio: Big&Small Productions

Expertise: Motion graphics Designer

Website :

Emily Pritchard


Studio: Freelance

Expertise: 3D Generalist and animation

Website :

Justin Imhoff

Studio: Realfeel

Expertise: Senior 3D Visualisation Artist

Website :

Chi Woon Leow

Studio: Chi Woon Leow

Expertise: Shading and Lighting

Website :

Dervish Evren

Studio: Freelance

Expertise: 3D, concept art, animation and game development

Website :

Malin Helene Rosenkrantz Ottesen

Studio: Deakin University

Expertise: Student, 3D and 2D design and animation

Website :

Norman Chee

Studio: Not from a studio

Expertise: Motion Designer

Website :

Sean Qiu

Studio: Gameface

Expertise: Video Editor and Motion Designer

Website :

Rudolf Odobasic

Studio: Freelancer, MI Studio

Expertise: Animator

Website :

Jody Cleaver

Studio: Jody Cleaver

Expertise: Animation and fine art

Website :

Kkye Hall

Studio: Kkye3D

Position & Area of Expertise: Technical Art

Website :

Roger Langsdon

Studio: PI

Position & Area of Expertise: Director

Website :

Daniel Douch

Studio : Daniel Douch

Expertise: 3D modelling

Website :

Harry Warbe

Studio: Freelance

Expertise: Motion design

Website :

Jenna Smith

Studio: Deloitte Digital

Expertise: 3D Artist, Real-Time 3D

Website :

Senay Gurel

Studio: SquareCell

Expertise: 3D Generalist

Website :

James Flanagan

Studio: Not employed by a studio

Expertise: 3D animation and Modeling, Texturing, Rendering

Website :

Adam Wong

Studio: Student

Expertise: Compositing/roto

Website :

Bennet Parker

Studio: Freelance

Expertise : Motion Design & 3D

Website :

Alexandra Nel

Studio: Freelance

Expertise: Motion graphics

Website :

Andrew McDowell

Studio: Freelance

Expertise: Motion graphics


Phillip Healey

Studio: Freelance

Position & Area of Expertise: 3D Animator


Mai Rose

Studio: Student

Position & Area of Expertise: Student

Website :

Danielle Kilgour

Studio: Jumbla

Expertise: Senior Producer

Website :

Remy Ventura Horta

Studio: Remy Ventura Horta

Position & Area of Expertise: Design/motion graphic

Website :

Kelsey Pettifer

Studio: Student

Expertise: Vfx and environment design

Zi Wen Sow

Studio: Zi Wen Sow

Position & Area of Expertise: Animation

Andrew Cheung

Studio: Gozer

Expertise: Motion designer, Illustrator

Sharam Namdarian

Studio: Design Turtle

Expertise: Graphic and Brand design

Ariel Magnes

Studio: Mighty games

Expertise: Designer

Eloise Large

Studio: My couch

Expertise: 2d animation

Brian Neong San

Studio: Freelance

Expertise: Animator

Edwina Joe

Studio: Edwina Joel

Expertise : 3D modeling & visualisation

Website :

Lisa Cope

Studio: Lisa.Co

Expertise : Motion Design

Website :

Hugo Hors

Studio: Hugo Hors Motion Graphics

Expertise : Motion Designer / Art Director

Website :

Stephen Elliget

Studio: 21-19

Expertise : Animation Director

Website :

Andrew Gibbs

Studio: 2119

Expertise : 3d Design and Animation

Website :

Keke Robertson

Studio: The Bureau

Expertise : Motion

Website :

Damian Dunne

Studio: MILKED

Expertise : Creative Director

Website :

James Cowen

Studio: Yes Captain

Expertise : Creative Director

Website :

Jeremy Mansford

Studio: Jeremy Mansford

Expertise : Director, At Director

Website :

Drewe Clarke

Studio: Break Pixel

Position & Area of Expertise: Motion Design / Art Direction

Website :

Jason Poley

Studio: freelance

Expertise : 3D Motion Design & Simulations

Website :

Simon Bronson

Studio: Freelance

Expertise : Interpretive Dance

Website :

Savva Tsekmes

Studio: freelance

Expertise : 3d Designer

Website : 

Patrick Taylor

Studio: optimist

Expertise : Motion

Website :

Melissa Benavides

Studio: The Sequence Group

Expertise : EP

Website :

Luke Bicevskis

Studio : The Sequence Group

Expertise: CD / Lead Comp / Lead 3D

Website :

Zachery Teller

Studio: The Sequence Group

Expertise: Junior Motion Designer 

Website : 

Steven Bradshaw

Studio: Jumbla

Expertise : Head of Production

Website :

Riley McLaren

Expertise : Motion Design

Studio: Chunk

Position & Area of Expertise: Motion Designer

Website :

Lydia Evans

Studio: Chunk

Expertise : Motion Design

Website :



Studio: GRAMM

Expertise : Project Manager

Website :

Kristin McCourtie


Studio: CG Futures

Expertise : Manager Producer

Website :

Samuel Van Ingen

Studio:  Van Ingen

Expertise: Animation

Website :

Wilfred Patriarca


Studio: Studio Pancho pty ltd

Expertise : Master of Motion

Website :

John Angless

Studio: Leo Burnett

Position & Area of Expertise: Motion Design/Direction

Website :

Domenic Iaria

Studio: Gramm Studio

Expertise : Animator

Website :

Daniel Cowan


Expertise : 3D Motion Design

Website :

Blake Raidal

Studio: Kojo

Expertise: Senior motion designer

Website :

Jack Prenc


Studio: Kojo

Expertise : Motion Designer

Website :

James Josephides

Studio: Swinburne

Expertise : Motion Designer

Website :

David Zwierzchaczewski

Studio: Autodesk 

Expertise :  Animation Specialist

Website :

Jeremy Mann

Studio: Freelance

Expertise : Motion Designer

Website :

Declan Boyd


Studio: The Academy of Interactive Entertainment

Expertise: Modelling

Alex Pho

Studio: student

Expertise: 3D Modelling Environments

Felipe Carneiro

Studio: BBDO

Position & Area of Expertise: Interactive Designer

Emily Fiedler

Studio: None

Expertise: 3D Artist

Ashutosh Upadhyay

Studio: Student

Expertise: Student

Realm Choong

Studio: RC Production

Expertise: Video Producer

Maja Majetic

Studio: Freelance

Expertise: 3D modelling and illustration

Harry Lister

Studio: na

Expertise: Game Artist

Gavin Foo

Studio: N/A

Expertise: Animation

Guy Jukes

Studio: Middle Earth Priductions

Expertise: Producer

Bes Guerch

Studio: None

Expertise: 3D Architecture

Tom Reynolds

Studio: Unsigned

Expertise: Senior 3d artist, arch viz