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Masters : Bootcamp


Masters Bootcamp - How to get a better job ? 

When : Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th of August
Duration : 2 Days - Starts at 10:15am to 6:00pm
Location :  Melbourne - 385 Cardigan St, Carlton
Method : In person Participants : 10 - Limited spots available

Be part of a 2 day small and intense Boot Camp workshop. Get up-to-date on what studios and companies desire in new recruits. Discover what is presently happening in the industry. Examine your present goals, strengths & weaknesses, as well as, explore different career paths. Be part of exercises in contacting studios, review your marketing material, folio and showreel and wright a detailed marketing plan. Learn what it takes to create an excellent CV, showreel and portfolio, as well as, methods for good self-promotion and marketing. You will get tips for preparing and presenting at an interview. The workshop will improve your confidence & equip you with a solid marketing plan to help you get your next job.

Examine : 
- Your own strengths and weaknesses
- Career goals and aspirations
- Different job options
- The Motion Design, Illustration, Animation and VFX industry

Discuss the difference between working :
- For someone full-time or part-time  
- Being a freelancer
- Being a subcontractor
- Running a studio

Look at examples of many well known : 
- Designers and Illustrators
- Animators and Motion Designers
- Visual Effects Artists

Folio or showreel / marketing material reviews and other exercises :
- Activity : What position is best for you.
- Review selected students, showreels, portfolios social media, and CV .etc
- Activity : Practising contacting studios over the phone
- Activity : Self-analysis questionnaire
- Activity : Build a personal marketing plan

Learn & Understand :
- What it takes to create an excellent CV
- The essentials of creating an excellent showreel
- Self-promotion and marketing techniques
- Tips for preparing and presenting at an interview
- The essential techniques for getting a job 
- Important tips on what not to do when marketing yourself 

Equip yourself with :
- Industry knowledge & marketing techniques
- A plan and marketing strategy to get your next job

🔥 Only a few spots left, Don’t miss out ! 🔥

Professional TICKET : August 24th and 25th
260.00 290.00
Buy a Ticket & Register Now
Student TICKET : August 24th and 25th
230.00 260.00
Buy a Ticket & Register Now

Presented by Mathew Packwood - Teacher & Mentor

Creative Director Matthew Packwood is a specialist in concept development, design and advanced animation. Matthew has 18 years experience working in the National and International design and post-production industry. He is also the founder, editor and curator of Masters of Motion (Est 2016). Previously, Matthew was a studio owner of Popcorn Creative and the head of design and animation at Inverleigh Media holdings. Matthew has also taught at Melbourne's top Universities and Private colleges.


Attendee - Recommendations

Matthew's workshop gives you a full day of quality information regarding how to get a job as a freelancer or work in a studio. He presents the course in a warm and easy going way that shows the passion he has for the industry and for helping the next generation of animators, visual effects artists and motion designers to succeed in their chosen field. If you are looking for work and need help you should definitely do one of his courses. 
Nicholas Shepherd - Freelance Artist & Animator

Matt is super friendly and approachable and also knowledgeable and genuine; he's very passionate about what he does. I found the course informative and also affirming, and met some great people.
Sam Nilson - 3D Artist

Mattthew's workshop covers all areas needed to find work in the Motion Design/Graphics field. His courses have a lot of good information of which Matthew delivers well.
Andrew McGregor - Motion designer

I really enjoyed this workshop. It taught me a lot about networking to get into the industry and helped me understand my own strengths and weaknesses. This workshop has boosted my confidence.
Aishwarya Ramji - VFX Artist

The workshop was a 10 out 10 for quality of content. Good location, perfectly sized group of people. Just great.
Hannah Reed - Animator

It was a really good workshop and great value for money.
Chi Woon Leow - Lighting Artist

“How to get a job in VFX” workshop is a must-attend event for graduates and career changers looking to get into the industry. It covers a wide array of topics on personal branding, online marketing/presence and a pin-point focus on what aspirants personally need to improve on in order to maximize their chances for employment. The highlight of this workshop are personal website and portfolio/Showreel reviews done by Matthew to help those seeking advice and improvements. Matthew was remarkably transparent and incredibly helpful. A big recommendation for all!’
Dean Musumeci - Visual Effects & Cinematography

8.5 out of 10. Matthew has industry knowledge and experience and showing examples of what to do but also what not to do was helpful to see. The tips and tricks on approaching companies was particularly helpful as well as writing up good CVs amongst other things. Matthew also presents clearly and confidently. He also presents clearly and It was a really good workshop and great value for money.
Isabella Cutri - 3d & Industrial Design

CG Futures 8.jpg

- We learn from the best in the creative industry and pass that knowledge on to you -