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What is Masters of Motion ?
Masters of Motion is a non-for-profit website, social media channel, and podcast that provides the world with a insight into the Australian and New Zealand Animation industry. Comprising of a online gallery featuring outstanding motion design, animation and visual effects work.

Our mission is to :
- Celebrate Australia's and New Zealand's  motion artists and promote their extraordinary work.
- Inspire the next generation of motion designers, animators, visual effects and 3-D artists.
- Share work that is both technically and creatively outstanding. 
- Represent the best motion projects being created in Australia.
- Create an archive of creative projects that can be referenced in the future.
- Create a connection between industry and educators.
- Tell the stories of the artists that create the work and explain the methods used to create it.

Core areas of interest :
Design - editing - motion design / graphics - animation - visual effects - 3-D animation
Studio management - production methods - marketing techniques - payment rates and contracts

- Industry and educators collaborating
- The future of the industry

Who’s behind the wheel ?
The founder of Master of Motion Matthew Packwood has been a senior creative working in the motion design industry for 17 years. Matthew also works as an educator teaching in both undergrad and masters courses. He is passionate about design and is driven to promote the industry that has given him such a fantastic career. Find out more about Matthew Packwood at :

Matthew Packwood - Master of Motion Editor and Curator 



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We would love to hear from you if you have a project to submit or would like to tell us about some great work being done, or would like to find out more information about us. We love talking about design, animation, events, technology and teaching.

Talk to you soon. 


Matthew Packwood - Editor and Curator

m  0423 079 569





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